18" Monstera Adansonii Plant (Real Touch) On Pole W/Pot

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SKU: E6821232

The leaves are made from quality EVA materials which make realistic leaf textures. Real touch on both sides, just like touching the real plants. 

A perfect gift for new home, houswwarming, business, office, store...

This faux plant adds a welcoming greenery to your indoor decor and cheers up your space with natural charm without the maintenance required by a real plant. It is just right for filling out an empty corner or adding that pop of green every room needs.

Size: Top to bottom : 18"

Size after shaped:  18'' H x 17'' W x17'' D

Weight: 2 lbs

Leaves count: 36

Arrives in a box with leaves tightly packed; gently bend the branches into shape after unpacking to match the image shown.

Material:Plastic 60%, Iron wire 25%, Foam 8%, Dirt 2%, Cement 5%