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Iced Boxwood Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

SKU: E6118035
  • This Iced Boxwood Glass Hurricane Candle Holder features Iced Boxwood, Iced Pine and Red Berries. This product makes a perfect centerpiece for tables or mantels throughout the Holiday Season.

  • Candle for display only, not included

  • Not flame-retardant. Keep away from direct flame. If used with a lit candle, use only with flame-resistant barrier, or led candle. Burn within sight, keep away from Children and pets.

  • When using a candle with this item, follow candle instructions, discontinue use when candle burns within 1inch of the decoration.

  • Decorative use only, not a Toy, keep away from Children

  • Material:  Plastic, Glass

  • Size: 14" W x 14" D x 6.5" H

  • Product may ship compressed - Primping of branches or leaves may be required to match the image shown

  • This Candle holder is for candles that are 3 inches round in diameter, 3" or 6" tall looks best.