Greenery Hanging bush, real touch split philo leaf, 31"H

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SKU: E6621227HBL
Artificial plants never looked so real. The leaves are made from quality EVA materials which make realistic leaf textures. Real touch on both sides, just like touching the real plants.

Use it alone in a vase atop your mantel
or hanging from a basket on your front porch backyard
or place it in a planter
or as a component in an arrangement to create the perfect ambiance.
decorate it in your home, office , wedding, party ...

This Split Philo hanging bush featuring 102pcs real touch leaves and plastic vines.

Height - 31"
Leaves per plant - 102
Stems per plant -15

Product arrives in a box with leaves tightly packed; gently bend the branches ane leaves into shape after unpacking to match the image shown.